About Me

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Hi, I’m Beccy.

As a kid I was lucky enough to inherit lots of good fiction books from my older brothers, of which I chose about seven and read them repeatedly. Then my local library and the mobile library service that came to my school showed me other possibilities: new worlds and new friends. From the moment I first delved into these books, written and audio, I read every day for pleasure and still do. Nowadays I’m likely to be found reading children’s literature ready to review for this site, and that is a truly wonderful thing to do.

I became a primary school teacher in 2003, in no small way inspired by the possibility of bringing stories to life the way some of my teachers had for me. It’s the best bit of my job- there’s nothing quite like it when a you see a book take hold with a class and suddenly it’s their favourite part of the day. We’re reading, the bell goes and no one moves. Speechless. What a privilege.

I’m improving my knowledge with an MA in Children’s Literature and it’s really helping me to understand the background to children’s books and how we can encourage reading for pleasure today.