About This

Hello there! Thanks for checking out the site, I hope you like it.

 This is the Thing:


Books-a-gogo began on 20th August 2013 when my friend Ruth and I decided to explore the possibility of working together on a project to record our thoughts on children’s and YA books. A blog seemed like a great way to do it.

In November 2015 I took over the blog completely as Ruth had another exciting project on the go and needed to devote more time to it. I’ll be sharing more news and links on here to Ruth’s work in the near future.


Nowadays I share picture books, MG fiction and YA titles. I’ve taught in primary schools since 2003 and have been lucky enough to see first hand how different children respond to books and reading. I’m also now studying for a Masters in Children’s Literature, which is a great help in understanding the whole picture.

I’ve spent a lot of time discovering what works in terms of both enriching the learning experience at school and enabling children to find a solid love of books they can take away with them. The right book is always out there; we just need to find it. And then another. And another! It’s all about sharing the joy.


You can now hear me regularly talking about children’s books on Brum Radio‘s monthly book club. It’s great to be able to share my finds with a new audience and this is a brilliant new station covering music, the arts, conversation and all that good stuff so do check it out.

With more and more wonderful books being published all the time, the future is looking very exciting for children’s literature and I can’t wait to share my discoveries with you!


World domination (in a friendly way) would be nice, but in the meantime I hope:

To provide a beautiful site that serves to help adults, young or otherwise, to choose books that they or the children they have in mind will love. Although some books may not be right for younger children (and I will always  mark them as such where necessary), I provide no upper age restrictions. That would be silly. A good book is simply a good book.

To use my expertise in helping children to find and develop a love of reading. I aim to do this through giving advice and recommendations for not just those who already love books, but also for emergent readers, children new to choosing their own books, reluctant readers and those who need something a little more challenging whilst still suitable for their age.

I’ve got lots of good ideas for teachers looking to develop reading for pleasure in their schools, find the perfect books to enrich their curriculum through topic links and also source class readers that will have everybody hooked.

That parents, teachers, librarians and others working with children like what I’m doing and find it beneficial. After all, that’s where I’m coming from. If the larger children’s book community and those who write and publish the books in the first place like it, that would also be rather lovely too.

That I do my bit to ensure I never, ever hear my friends say again that they don’t have time to read. Hey you guys! I’m not buying it…